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Why are we looking at 18-30 year olds?

We know young adult life is commonly a time of many changes, including changes in living circumstances, work arrangements or commitments, financial circumstances and other major life transitions such as marriage and starting families.

These major life transitions have the potential to impact on health behaviours such as nutrition and physical activity.

How will this project help?

Responses from the surveys will be examined to see how diet and exercise vary among different groups, and to try to determine which factors influence diet and exercise behaviours.

What was involved?

Participation in the Picture Project was online and comprised three short surveys, each taking less than 10 minutes to complete (one each week for 3 weeks, or they can all be done at once).  The survey asked questions around health (i.e. sleeping, smoking), physical activity, food-related behaviours and background questions such as relationship status and occupation.

There was also an option to complete an online food recall survey where participants were asked to recall all food and beverage intake during the previous 24-hour period or preceding day.  Two online 24-hour recalls were completed over a two-week period, including one weekday and one weekend day to assess your food intake.

The Research Team

The study was led by Associate Professor Sarah McNaughton, Alfred Deakin Professor David Crawford, Alfred Deakin Professor Kylie Ball, Alfred Deakin Professor Jo Salmon, Professor Ralph Madison and project managed by Dr Michelle Jackson and a research team at Deakin’s Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition.

Get Started

Taking part is easy. If you are aged 18 to 30 years old and an Australian resident, you can register your interest below (NOW CLOSED). You will be able to get more details about the study, and if eligible, complete the online consent form to ensure you understand what the study is about.

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